What we offer 

E-learning Platform

We take care of putting into operation a distance education platform that adapts to the client's needs with the possibility of adding personalized modules such as access for sponsored guests or online payment process.

Online Certification System

We configure the immediate download of a personalized digital certificate with the design that the institution desires. Before allowing the download, the system automatically validates whether the student is approved.

Online Collection Systems

Each virtual campus is capable of supporting different online payment systems specially configured according to requirements. Its versatility allows you to configure discounts for partners or affiliates, discounts for a limited time, among other options. We work with the Mercado Pago platforms for Argentines and Paypal for foreign users.

Materials and Exams

We organize a calendar for the course, edit the material to be published and put it online. We offer interactive exams, where open, closed, manual correction, automatic correction questions can be created, with variable closing dates, several execution attempts or by time.

Virtual Campus Design

Implementation and design of a virtual platform capable of supporting hundreds of online courses with extensive possibilities for monitoring students and generating grade reports. We design a virtual campus that maintains the client's identity and is easy to access and intuitive to use.

Pedagogical Tools

We develop a wide variety of tools tailored to the course to provide the student with multimedia learning experiences. We use multimedia classes, videos, interactive activities, animations, images, presentations.

Filming and Editing in FULL HD

We have all the resources for filming both indoors and outdoors and we carry out the subsequent editing and airing. When the content requires it, we film and present different videos that make up the course Video Library, where you can see videos of procedures, studies and practical explanations.

Multimedia Video Classes

We comprehensively produce multimedia classes that combine Power Point presentations with explanatory videos from the teacher. We take care of editing them and publishing them on the virtual campus with protected access so that only the students of the course can access the class.

Support and Help Desk

We provide technical assistance via email and chat to both teachers and students to guide them in the different registration processes, profile generation and access to courses.

Graphic design and Advertising

We plan and design graphic pieces to promote the course such as posters, printed banners, web banners, email flyers and other designs according to requirements.

Development of the virtual educational proposal

We work with the teaching teams to design the best proposal to teach what is intended, proposing and agreeing on the appropriate structure and tools for each case.

Video Streaming

We have the necessary equipment to stream or live video transmission of in-person classes, talks or conferences. Additionally, we can adapt it to convey practical procedures or surgeries.

Digital Marketing

The client can opt for different digital marketing services to promote each course through advertising on social networks and sending mass emails to our database of more than 70,000 contacts related to the field of health and to any database provided by the client. Month by month, we provide statistical data on the impact of the campaigns.

Dissemination to a wide database

The service includes the dissemination of promotional graphic pieces via email using HTML or JPG templates to a segmented base of Mednet professionals. We work with a highly effective international Email marketing platform with guaranteed inbox arrival.



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